Long Aluminium screw peg

Height-adjustable screw peg

Peggy Peg Innovative Systems Ltd., Neudrossenfeld

In-house design


The design of this screw peg, which exhibits the classic contours of a screw, is based on seasoned experience with the mechanics of camping and conveys clarity in function and handling. Its innovative contribution consists of its height-adjustability: The screw normally holds firmly after only a few rotations, foregoing the need to screw the peg fully into the ground. Height-adjustable closed-hooks made of polyamide glass fibre are then attached to the peg as close as possible to the ground. The tent guy lines are then drawn through the hook, which can bear up to several hundred kilograms of tension. By means of the hooks, guy lines are easily attached and removed without having to move the screw peg – a mechanism that allows for the fast and convenient as well as secure and sturdy anchoring of pegs.