caravaning design award: innovations for new mobility

Fix&Go anchor plate 2.0

Universal fastening device for poles and storm straps

Peggy Peg Innovative Systems Ltd., Germany

In-house-Design: Brigitte Reinhold

Design: Achim Reinhold and Gerhard Wagner, RUG, Germany

With the “Fix&Go anchor plate 2.0”, Peggy Peg introduces a universal fastening device for awning poles, tent poles and tie-down storm straps. After having bolted the new version of the fastening device to the ground, it is possible to fix and undo awning and tent poles without any tools and as often as the user wants. In addition, all Peggy Pegs – from the smallest 11 cm to the largest 32 cm version – can be used. Furthermore, the “Fix&Go anchor plate 2.0” offers the great advantage that nearly all common awning and tent poles can be fixed and undone on almost every type of ground with all the different peg sizes and height adjustments. Another major advantage is the use of the fixture with many awning systems on the market, where almost every manufacturer uses a different kind of pedestal.

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